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In the design evolution of the AWS-III we have addressed the key requirements for utility scale offshore wave energy generation. Hence the AWS-III offers the following essential features:



The AWS-III naturally sheds load and de-tunes in large waves

Our compliant mooring system reduces wave loadings

The sealed air system ensures that there are no exposed moving parts


Reliability built-in

The AWS-III uses proven air turbine technology - one single moving part per cell

The flexible wave absorbers use established truck tyre technology

Ancillary systems are housed within a ‘ship hull’ environment and hence are both protected from the environment and available for practical maintenance and inspection



The multi-cell AWS-III configuration shares air volume and structure, thereby achieving significant reduction in steel requirement

Device specific maintenance costs are spread over several MW, thereby reducint the cost of energy

Our multi-MW output is genuinely utility scale, enabling rapid MW deployment and spread infrastructure cost



The large, stable AWS-III structure allowing access on station for inspection, maintenance and repair of on-board systems

Our patented absorber cassette system allows rapid replacement with the device at anchor in sheltered waters. Hence dry-docking is not required.

The AWS-III offers a maintenance regime which is more practical than offshore wind as major dockside refurbishment will be possible without involving offshore heavy lifts



The AWS-III has a significant lead over other concepts in terms of MWh per tonne of steel and on a par with offshore wind

Large scale spreads maintenance costs, thus further improving prospects for economic power

First farms will be economic in Scottish waters given the current ‘5-ROC’ tariff