intelligent active mooring system

AWS Ocean Energy are working with partners Teqniqa Systems and University of Exeter to develop an intelligent active mooring system or ‘IAMS’. This system is a mooring tether component designed to relieve peak loads on mooring components and moored structures by providing a selectable spring characteristic. Under normal operating conditions, the tether will be ‘stiff’ having a characteristic similar to a polymer rope, but under storm conditions, the tether can be set to provide an extension of up to 30% with a stiffness curve designed to minimise structural load.

The IAMS is based on proven Vectran™ braid technology and hence has very high UTS capability over and above the elastic operating range and therefore provides a safe and secure mooring component.

The IAMS is suitable for use in a number of applications with single line capabilities of up to 4,000kN at full extension. The system will be particularly attractive to wave energy devices which require a stiff mooring during normal operations but seek to minimise wave loadings during storms.