electric eel flexible wave power attenuator

the next generation of wave power

​Our Electric Eel™ wave power concept represents the next generation of wave power devices. It consists of a long elastic tube which is tethered below the surface of the sea. A passing wave causes a pressure or ‘bulge’ wave to propagate along the elastic tube. Power is extracted by smart electro-active polymer panels built into the sides of the tube. These panels are entirely flexible and produce an electric current when stretched.

The Electric Eel™ represents an advance over other ‘bulge wave’ based devices in that it is capable of continuous power extraction along its length, thus avoiding the limits which would occur otherwise when the bulge wave grows too large. It is also capable of active control to tune to the incoming wave frequency by regulation of stiffness through control of the EAP electronics.

We have completed the concept designs for this technology, have granted patents in a number of jurisdictions and are now seeking technology partners to advance to the next stage of development.