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With over 10 years of experience in the marine renewables sector, AWS is well placed to provide business, engineering and technology development services. Whether you are already in the industry and want help with product development or commercialisation, or want to get involved in the marine energy supply chain we can help you develop and implement a strategy that will achieve your business goals.

Specialists serving the oil and gas sector

As oil and gas exploration activities move ever further from existing infrastructure, the challenges of providing reliable power supplies for sub-sea equipment are increasing.  Traditional solutions use diesel-fuelled generation or highly costly umbilicals and tie-backs.

AWS Ocean Energy’s Waveswing™ sub-sea power buoys offer Oil & Gas operators a sustainable and reliable power source at a competitive cost, whilst avoiding operational problems of re-fuelling and providing the additional benefit of reducing oilfield carbon emissions.

Employing the power solutions offered by AWS Ocean Energy can improve the economics of marginal fields and provide long-term power for monitoring of decommissioned assets whilst playing a key role in meeting emissions reduction targets and improving corporate profile.


AWS Ocean Energy’s Waveswing™ subsea power buoys are available in ratings from 10 to 250kW and hence are ideal for providing power and a communications link to typical remote sub-sea applications including:

  • Well-head and other sub-sea equipment power and monitoring;
  • Valve and pipeline equipment power;
  • AUV remote charging;
  • Environmental and oceanographic equipment power and communication.


Of course, there are many other applications where the low operational cost offered by the Waveswing™ technology will allow reduced overall operating costs and optimal use of sub-sea assets.

The AWS Waveswing can offer operators a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution to remote power needs which can reduce overall operational cost and improve in-field performance whilst also reducing carbon footprint and enhancing corporate reputation.

The energetic wave environment in which many oilfields are located is a major contributor to cost and risk.  Using wave energy to enhance oilfield performance provides and excellent opportunity to turn the environment to the advantage of the oil & gas industry.